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If anyone out there feels like helping me I need a favor. For those of you who can draw, which I can't, could you pick a character that I made up out of one of my stories and draw or sketch me a picture of them. I'll post them on my site if you would and i'll give you credit and everything. Please and thank you but I would really appreciate someone to do Kurama's daughter the most but, if you can do any of them that'd be great. Also if you need a more detailed description you can e-mail me for it or if enough people are interested in helping i'll put it on my website.
I tried drawing Kurama's daughter but, sadly to say it looks nothing like her. It really doesn't even look human *Cough* or demon.

Please Review my stories if you have a chance!

I've written a new story. Yay for me! Tell me if you guys like it.
The Girl Summary:
From Yuu Yuu Hakusho. Ok. So, we have a girl. She's three. She's the daughter of one of the original characters. What do you mean he doesn't know about her. She has red hair? Guess we know who's daughter she is.
Youko's Back or is it a He?:
Youko's back, or not. Close though. Her name is Mira. She's like a female version of Youkp. However, only in the aspect that she is the Princess of Thieves. Read more to find out about her.


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